Every piece that was in the box was unique and fun. I enjoyed going through the box and pulling out all of the treasures! I can't wait to get my next box in!

Tricia B.  

Verified Purchaser

Each item in the package was distinctive and enjoyable. It was a delight to explore the contents and uncover all the hidden gems! I'm eagerly looking forward to receiving my next package!

Anna M.  

Verified Purchaser

It was fun for the whole family! Everyone loved searching for the treasures, and Lane was extremely happy with all his gemstones!

Jessica W.  

Verified Purchaser

Build Your Own Bucket

Each month, this exclusive box will feature a new crystal that we hand pick for the energy that we are hoping to extend to you.

Choose Your Bucket

Start by selecting your preferred mining bucket. There are several options available!

Bucket Image

Declan's Mining Bucket


  • 1 Gallon Bucket
  • Confetti Sand
  • Up to 4lbs of Crystals and Minerals
  • Identification Chart

Declan's Mining Bucket

Select Your Add Ons

After choosing your bucket, personalize it with your choice of add ons.

Such a fun gift

These tumbled stones are so nice for a little something different from the regular rocks and stones that are in the gallon bucket. My son loved these!

- Hannah S.  


Scoop of Tumbled Stones

Scoop of Confetti Stones

2 Fossil Dinos

Agate Slice

Fossil Egg


Mini Palm Stone


Dino Bracelet


Mystery Crystal Car Hanger

Mystery Worry Stone

Mystery Animal Figurine

Mini Mushroom

Brazilian Geode


Mystery Crystal Key Chain

DYED Blue Alchemy Quartz


Mystery Crystal Heart


Mini Heart Bundle


Mystery Sphere


Mystery Skull

Septarian Egg

Shark Teeth - 3pcs.

Aragonite Egg


Mystery Moon


Mystery Aura Cluster


Geode - Dyed Pre Cracked


UV Reactive Chalcedony Geode

Select Accessories

Finish your custom bucket by adding accessories

Remember, every stone you uncover is a piece of the world's history that you get to hold in your hands. Happy mining!

  • Perfect For Mining All Of Your Gemstones
  • Clean Off And Organize All Of Your Finds
  • Elevate Experience With Exciting Accessories


Discreet Packaging

Mining Sifter

Rockhound Mining Pack

Kids Starter Pack

Crystal Mining Refill Bag

Find Me Jar

Lucy's Fossil Pack

Mystery Bracelet Set

Declan’s Dino Dig

Meet Declan & Everett Book

Dino Sticker Sheet

Crystal Starter Set

Large Agate Slice


Amethyst Sticker

Carnelian Sticker

Clear Quartz Sticker

Crystal Sticker Bundle

Crystal Sticker Sheet

Meet Declan & Everett Sticker Sheet

Rose Quartz Sticker

Sodalite Sticker

Tigers Eye Sticker

Spring Dino Dig

Large Wrist Mystery Bracelet Set

Your Guide To A Successful Adventure

Inside your subscriptions, you will receive multiple crystal pieces and information describing exactly what you receive. Your box will ship to your front door, and you can easily cancel anytime.
Shipping is FREE within the United States.


Build Your Mining Bucket

Dive into our diverse range of mining buckets. From plans and kits to unique gifts, there's something for every kitchen explorer.



Opt for a subscription plan or a single-kit purchase to bring the thrill of mining right into your home.


Unbox Your Family's Next Adventure

Encourage your children to swap their screens for a hands-on, engaging experience that fosters quality family time.


Collect Memories

Take a trip down memory lane and rediscover the joy of childhood with Declan’s Crystal Mining Bucket!

Unbox Your Family's Next Adventure

Craft a crystal mining bucket that's as unique as your kids' imagination.

Discover a fun, safe, and engaging way to spend quality time with your kids.

Ignite a newfound appreciation for the marvels of nature -- explore crystals, minerals, and fossils!

Reconnect with the simple joy of playtime with loved ones, away from the distractions of screens.

Swap Screen Time For A Family-Fun Adventure

Are you tired of trying to come up with new and exciting activities for your family? Look no further than our monthly subscription box!

Each box will be different and hand curated to bring you high quality crystals in many shapes and forms.

A Hit For All Ages

Join the thousands of happy miners who have embarked on an unforgettable adventure with us.

I Absolutely Love The Subscription Box.

So many beautiful crystals in all shapes and sizes! Highly recommended and something to look forward to each month!!

Testimonial Arrow

Amanda H.  

Crystal lover and member of the Declan's Mining Club

I Can’t Wait For The Next One!

I absolutely LOVE the first monthly subscription box and I can’t wait for the next one! The Dendritic Opal Heart is Huge and so much confetti fits in that little bag!! The bracelet is beautiful and I love the information card! You can never have enough selenite, and I’m excited to use the pendulum. And I can’t forget how beautiful the sage bundle is!

Testimonial Arrow

Amy M.  

Crystal lover and member of the Declan's Mining Club

This Month’s Subscription Box Is Amazing!

High quality items! Perfect in every way! Totally can not wait for next months box!

Testimonial Arrow

Hannah S.  

Crystal lover and member of the Declan's Mining Club

Frequently Bought Together

We have a mining bucket for any fun activity with your kids or special occasion.


Declan’s Birthday Bucket

If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift, you have found it!


Find Me Jar

A sensory challenge, mining style! A bottle filled with crystal and gemstone wonders for kids to find!


Crystal Mining BAG

The Mining Bag is a ton of fun! Approximately 3lbs, you are guaranteed to find 1 of each stone from our table, an awesome assortment.

Want To Dig Deeper?

Are your crystals authentic?

Group 5810-svg

Declan's Mining Co. offers 100% authentic and ethically sourced crystals.

Do you offer custom orders?

Group 5810-svg

We have add ons that customers can purchase on the website. For special requests, please contact us at

What type of specialty items do you offer?

Group 5810-svg

Declans Mining Co. offers the following specialty items:

Do you offer gift card purchases?

Group 5810-svg

We sure do! You can purchase a gift card online!