About Us

Share the opportunity to explore with mining buckets.

Family Time

Family time has always been so important to the Sarnos. When their son Declan fell in love with mining on vacation, they decided to create the same at-home crystal mining bucket experience! Established in 2019 from the basement of their home, Declan’s Mining Co. (DMC) was created. What started as a small business built on hard work and a labor of love, DMC quickly grew to a global mining experience!

Our Goal

Our goal as a company is to continuously create fun and safe ways to spend time off electronics and connect with your imagination. Stone collectors, rock lovers, adults and kids, we offer stones for everyone to encourage excitement and creativity! Whether you choose our mining buckets and/or bags you will find an abundance of ever-changing gemstones, minerals, crystals, and rocks.

Family First

As a 100% female owned and operated business with 23 children among our staff, we pride ourselves on putting family first. That being said, Declan's Mining Co.’s top priorities are safety, value and quality above all else. Made with only the best materials, we have partnered with worldwide suppliers that provide ethically sourced and sustainable stones. Nothing is random, every stone is personally and carefully selected to make your experience one of a kind. Our sand is clean and filtered with added tumbles to enhance the mining experience, and each bucket comes with up to 17 different hand-packed minerals, crystals and stones with multiples of each kind for your collection.

Support and gratitude

Your support is invaluable to us. We realize there are countless experiences available to share with your children and we have immense gratitude for your trust in our products to create long lasting experiences and memories.

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