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Get ready to create long-lasting memories and let your mind explore with Declan’s Mining Co.!

Build a Bucket

Our Build a Bucket allows you to completely customize your Declan’s Mining Bucket. Choose your bucket, Add Ons and accessories to create your one of a kind mining experience.

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Bringing the mining
experience to you.

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Completely customize
your own mining bucket.

The Trick

Spooky season is here and we have TRICKS up our sleeve! The Trick Bucket is the spookier version of our Halloween Buckets and includes our crystal ghost and Jason inspired machete! Filled with 16 different types of stones, crystals and minerals this is sure to satisfy all of your spookiest dreams.

The Treat

Trick or Treat?! We choose TREAT! Our Treat Bucket is the less spooky version of our Halloween Buckets. On top of being filled with 16 different stones, crystals and minerals, you’ll find a crystal jack o lantern and witch hat! Enjoy the treats of Halloween and hours of digging fun.

The Trick or Treat

TRICK or TREAT! Halloween Buckets are here! If you can’t decide we created a bundle of both Halloween buckets. Both buckets will be filled with 16 different types of crystals for hours of digging fun. You’ll also find our spooky additions of a ghost and machete, as well as a jack o lantern and witch hat. Endless spooky season treats to find!

Start Digging!

Declan’s Mining Co. offers buckets of all shapes and sizes. As part of our mining bucket collection, Declan’s Tumbled bucket is packed full of beautiful tumbled crystals and minerals. Don’t want to dig? Explore our enormous array of tumbled stones and start your own personal collection.

This company is as amazing as the rocks inside the buckets! 10/10 would buy again!!

Aliyah H.

Mystery Bucket

Tumbled Stones

Beaded Bracelets


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