Get ready to create long-lasting memories and let your mind explore with Declan’s Mining Co.!

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Customize your crystal mining experience with our Build A Bucket experience. Choose your bucket and add on whatever your heart desires to make it personal to you!

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Bringing the mining
experience to you.

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explore with mining buckets.

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Completely customize
your own crystal mining bucket.

Fun for the
whole family

Every child has a time in their life when they love rocks! Let your inner child come through and put the screens down for some good old-fashioned fun! Declan’s Crystal Mining Bucket is sure to bring you a wave of nostalgia.

Start your own

Declans Mining Co. has so many beautiful bracelets to choose from! We offer many different stones curated into beautiful beads, perfect to suit your style and mood. Create your own stack to compliment each bracelet. We bet you can’t wear just one!

Share and play

Whether you are an avid collector of crystals and minerals, or just starting out, you are going to need something to hold all of your treasures. Be sure to check out our accessories and more to keep the fun flowing.

Start Digging!

Declan’s Mining Co. offers buckets of all shapes and sizes. As part of our crystal mining bucket collection, Declan’s Tumbled bucket is packed full of beautiful tumbled crystals and minerals. Don’t want to dig? Explore our enormous array of tumbled stones and start your own personal collection.

This company is as amazing as the rocks inside the buckets! 10/10 would buy again!!

Aliyah H.

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