Shark tooth

Article by Parth K

Shark tooth

A shark tooth is one of the commonly collected vertebrate fossils. They appear on prairies, deserts, beaches, mountaintops, and riverbeds. Shark teeth have been known to fossilize in various sediments, including limestone, sandstone, shale, and marl.

Shark teeth are most commonly found in the phosphate deposits of Morocco and the United States (South Carolina and Florida). Most of these teeth are from the extinct species Carcharocles megalodon, which lived approximately 2.6 million years ago during the Early Miocene to the end of the Pliocene.

Exposed as a symbol of male strength, virility, and power, the shark tooth represents the perfect fusion of land and sea. In some cultures, it is also a potent symbol of good luck.

The ancient Hawaiians extracted shark teeth and strung them on necklaces. They also used them as weapons, tools, and ornaments. In many cases, the teeth were thought to have Mana or spiritual power.

Metaphysical Uses

Fossilized shark teeth can be used to access past lives, as they offer a connection to the ancient wisdom of the Earth. They can also be used in shamanic journeying to connect with the power and energy of the shark.

Shark teeth can be used in grid work to bring in the powerful energy of the sea. Placed around the home, they can offer protection from negativity.

In crystal work, they can be used to amplify and direct the energy of other stones. 

Everyday Uses

Shark teeth can be used as amulets or talismans. They can also be worn as pendants or earrings. 

When placed in a room, they can help you instill quality and excellence in your environment. Consider placing a shark tooth on your desk to help you focus and succeed in your endeavors.

Shark teeth can also be used in feng shui. They can help attract abundance and prosperity when placed in the wealth sector. You can also put them in the career sector to help you succeed in your profession.

Whether you use them for their metaphysical properties or simply enjoy collecting them, shark teeth offer a unique connection to the power and mystery of the sea.