Meet the Declan's Mining Co. Staff

Article by Kelly Sarno

Recently I have been seeing more and more posts about who packed your order. I couldn't love this more!  Each and every staff member here at Declan's Mining Co. (DMC) takes great pride in sending out our products as safely and quickly as possible.  As a small business owner, I carefully choose who joins our crew.  The employees that work here are my extended family and I thought it would be fun to introduce each member to you so that you can put a face to the stamp on your packing slip! Without further adieu, I present, the Declan's Mining Co. Family.

Ashley DeWolfe - Chief Operating Officer

Favorite Thing About Working at DMC: The friendly environment that we have established here. 

Favorite Crystal: Howlite

AshleyAshley has been working for Declan's Mining Co. for 4 years. She is engaged to Manny and together they have 2 boys, Jaxon (8) and Jordan (6). You can see her boys featured on our website along side their pals Declan and Everett. Ashley runs a tight ship here at the office and is by far the backbone of this operation.  Without Ashley, none of the packages we are chatting about would make it out the door!  She is loyal, kind, hardworking, trustworthy and hilarious to boot! Fun fact about Ashley is that she lived in Ireland for 4 years with her family! 

Jennifer Yates - Customer Service and Client Relations

Favorite Thing About Working at DMC: I love to see how excited everyone gets to receive their orders! And that this business was started in Kelly's basement. Being a part of the growth and working with my best friend is the BEST!  

Favorite Crystal: Tigers Eye

JenniferJennifer has worked for the KRS & Co. company that encompasses Declan's Mining Co. for almost SEVEN years!  You know her best as Jen in our emails.  Jen has been married to my brother for 18 years and is a mom to my beautiful niece and nephew.  Eric 21 and Brianna 16.  When Jen isn't taking care of any and all of our customers and keeping our quality control in check, she can be found at her beloved CrossFit gym.  Jen has an infectious laugh and smile and instantly warms up a room when she enters. Originally from the Boston Area she works remotely from home in the Chicago Area. 

Jessica Kretzenger - Illustrator, Photographer, Marketing

Favorite Thing About Working at DMC: The family I have made. 

Favorite Crystal: Hematite

JessicaJessica has been with Declan's Mining Co. for over a year.  She came to us as part time packing help and quickly became an invaluable resource for us.  She is responsible for all of our photo marketing, fun graphics you see on social media, identification charts and even the illustration of our very first book!  It was so tremendous to watch our book come to life and see Jess mark a check on a bucket list item!  She has been married to her husband Dan for 11 years and together they have 3 children. Sophia 14, Bella 10, Charlie 7. Without Jess we would lack serious laughs, Disney Fridays, and crazy tales of her dogs Gansett and Buddy. 

Alicia Strong - Chief Social Media Strategist

Favorite Thing About Working at DMC: Being able to connect and provide joy to people all over the world! One bucket at a time! 

Favorite Crystal: Amethyst

Alicia has been working for Declan's Mining Co. for just about a year.  Alicia and I worked together previously for 5 years. She is an avid reader, addicted to coffee, and my best friend! She has been married to Parker for 11 years and together they have a son and daughter. Cooper 7 and Taylor 4. She works from home remotely in Connecticut. When Alicia isn't running our 5 social media channels, planning our email schedules, and also running the other facets of my company, you can find her with a coffee in hand at a well planned family event.  Alicia lives for the joy of others, is an outstanding mom and wife, and an even better daughter and sister.  I'm grateful that Alicia has the ability to make magic happen no matter the task at hand. Fun fact about Alicia is that in 2022 she read (and listened) to 77 books!

Devin Frechette - Lead Operations Manager

Favorite Thing About Working at DMC: My friendships I have gained.

Favorite Crystal: Hematite

DevinDevin started working for us over a year ago and was the perfect fit since day one.  Devin has been married to Steve for 16 years and together they have FOUR GIRLS! Kiera 17, Kallie 15, Kamryn 14, Kenley 7. Dev is deeply involved in her community and is someone that everyone knows and trusts. Her family is a direct reflection of just how big Devin's heart is.  The office would certainly be dull without her and we would have far less snacks too!  Fun fact about Devin is her love for A Christmas Story!  You can catch that infamous lamp on her coffee table during the holiday season.  We are grateful for the entire Frechette family as you can often find them helping out at any event that we host!

Kristine Roberts - DMC Crew Member

Favorite Thing About Working at DMC: The work atmosphere and girls that I work with.

Favorite Crystal: Lepidolite

Kristine has worked for Declan's Mining Co. for one year.  She has been married to her husband, Adam, for 12 years and together they have 2 boys.  Aiden 10 and Liam 7. Kristine is so sweet and brings some great laughs to the office!  If you have ever ordered a Lucy Loot pack you can bet that Kristine assembled it for you. She also makes an incredible chocolate toffee bark.  Kristine is always looking for fun ways for the team to bond and is filled with so much love!



As you can see I am surrounded by so many incredible women.  I'm beyond grateful and proud to lead an entirely female staff here at Declan's Mining Co. We all have support behind our efforts here and can't let it go unsaid that everyone's entire family is included in the operations here.  My husband manages all of the financial happenings here, Ashley's husband is always taking care of projects that need to be done, Devin's husband lends us his plumbing expertise whenever we call on him and Jess's husband is always there to lend a strong hand when we have heavy lifting.  We also have a recent DMC Crew Member, Joe who comes in to unload all of the 1000's of pounds of stones that come in and out of this building.

I don't think any of us were prepared for just how far this company would spread in such a short time.  Our buckets have shipped world wide and even into some celebrity homes.  Seeing all of your posts, emails, comments and messages makes our day every time and gives us the motivation we need to continue innovating and expanding to being your the best possible bonding experiences we can.

Without the women mentioned above, none of it would happen.  It's extremely humbling to know that each and everyone loves and care for my family as much as I care about theirs.  I know it's cliche to hear that we are family here, but its the rock solid truth. We value putting family first over any type of viral video or follower count.  Without each other, our health, and you all, this wouldn't be possible.

So that is my crew. My family. The beating heart of the company I started in my spare bedroom and basement.

Love and Light,