How to pick your bucket?

Article by Kelly Sarno

So many buckets, how do you decide which one to order? Let me give you a super quick rundown. This is the OG!  This is the Declans Mining Bucket, it is a 1 gallon bucket! In this bucket, you are going to find 17 different types of stones, but multiple of each one, usually ranging between 3 to 4 pounds!! All the crystals are going to be buried in the sand so you can create your own mining experience at home!

But what makes this sound super fun is we put confetti in it. 

Ok! What’s confetti? Tiny little crystals and stones so you can spend even more time mining! 

The next step is our birthday celebration. If you have a birthday or if you want a really cool unique present I would suggest Declan‘s birthday bucket. We put the red lid on top of this one! And a happy birthday from the Declan's Mining Co. sticker on it. It’s the same contents inside but we wanted to make it super special and have that sticker on it! And they will know the package is for them if you’re shipping it to somebody that lives somewhere else because we also put a mini version of the birthday sticker right on the box.

Next up are our quart size buckets. We have the mystery that has the question mark Sticker on it, and the tumble bucket with the D logo! 

Now the Mystery and Tumble buckets are quart size! So this is the difference! This is a gallon, and this is the quart size! We don’t normally show what is in the mystery bucket, but here is an example! If you see these packed online, that does not mean that is what you are getting. And then the Tumble bucket is going to come with over 1 pound of really cool and really unique tumble stones. 

Can’t decide which one you want to get?  That’s fine, we have a Mystery and Tumble Combo pack! 

Ok we know that international shipping isn’t very kind! So we put together a bag instead to save you on shipping, so this is always going to have one of each stone that is on the table, and also mixed in with our Confetti sand!

And last but not least, if sand is just not your thing we totally get it! That’s why we have Declan’s refill pack! You can purchase this so you can do the bucket over and over again. Or if you see we have a new table with cool stones that you might love, this is a good chance to get them as well. 

But if Sand just isn’t your thing this is a great way to get all of the stones that we have and not have to get your hands in there. OK but neither one of these comes with a bucket. It's just in the bag or this bag. All right guys those are all the options that we have for buckets! It’s probably our number one asked question! Which one is big and which one is Little? So I hope that helped you out!