Finding Rocks and Crystals

Article by Kelly Sarno

I can remember being a 10 year old girl in the woods of New Hampshire and finding rocks all throughout the surrounding woods.  Not just any rocks but granite rocks. My moms husband at the time had a really cool house in Bartlett, NH and I would LOVE to go there.  I could explore in the woods and take walks down paths to find wild blackberry bushes.  The butterflies were plenty and it was when I had my first humming bird feeder.  It's a time that will always hold a special place in my heart because it felt so free. I had always grown up with so little and this was a small season of life where I felt like I had it all. 

I found a rock hammer in the basement one day and quickly put it to good use.  I would find rocks and geodes and crack them open to inspect the mica in each one.  I thought the shiny flecks were pure magic. And maybe they were. Come to find out, granite is mainly composed of Feldspar and Quartz. Feldspar helps to increase your self-respect and self-awareness, Quartz is the most powerful healing stone, and Mica provides for growth and flexibility in all areas and supports the processing and release of painful feelings. Mica provides one with energy and purpose to move forward and appreciate the lessons and experiences in the past.

Maybe it was then, in those few short years that I was surrounding myself with the energy I needed to become the woman I am today.  To be so aware and grounded in who I am at such an early age, was rare and I understood that, even then. I've always said that I have had a clear vision since I was young about how I DIDN'T want my life to be.  So instead of living in fear of what is to come, I can walk through fear with gratitude and thank it for showing me the clear path I was meant to take. 

My second encounter with finding rocks, crystals and minerals, and the one that held my interest for the rest of my adult life, came from the Ansel Adams Woods in Mammoth California. When I was 19 years old I decided to take a 55 hour road trip across the United States and move to California.  It was a total wing and a prayer and I left with only 15 days notice. It's funny that this wouldn't be the last time I made a choice like that in my life.  One of the first hikes we took when we arrived was to see The Devils Postpile.  A gorgeous display of columnar basalt.  This happens when when lava from a volcanic eruption cools quickly leaving behind a natural wonder. I was in total awe.  A girl who had barely ever left New England was standing in front of something so grand that Mother Nature had left behind 100,000 years prior. Knowing now that Basalt's metaphysical properties consist of bringing physical and mental strength and courage, I was right where I was supposed to be.

Some day I will write a blog about my travels and the reasons why I took them, but this one is to help you understand why I've decided to share my crystal love with you. You know when someone tells you to "trust your gut"?  That is just another way of saying "Listen to your intuition".  The best way to describe intuition, in my opinion, is that it is your FIRST thought.  You know, the one that you ignore and then later say, I should have went with my first choice! I've always had a knack for following that inner dialogue and I believe that it was my surroundings that helped guide me to trust myself.  

Crystals, minerals, fossils, they all have metaphysical properties because they were formed right here on this earth and in our oceans.  They were created by the universe and the powers that it holds.  Crystals cannot form unless the conditions are JUST right.  The pressure, the temperature, the humidity, the TIME. Somewhere along the way they were associated with witchcraft and I think that is why so many people have shied away from them, thinking that they may go against religion. But if you believe that God created all things, then he created crystals.  Therefore, they were put on this planet for you to enjoy, use, love and admire them.  They aren't anything to be afraid of, and, like me, they may take a while to grow on you. Finding rocks, crystals and fossils along your journey is never a coincidence.

They have been a great addition to my self care tool belt over the past few decades and I'm grateful they are always there when I feel called to turn into them.  Sometimes, they just sit there for me to admire and visually look at. Sometimes they are there for me to carry so that I can anchor myself to something physical when I feel like I'm getting too far away from myself. Sometimes they are there to work on balancing out my energy. And sometimes they are there to help me vibrate higher and manifest more abundance and love into my life.  Whatever it may be, it's yours.  YOU get to decide what they do for you, no one else.  And you can share it, or you can keep it close to your heart like I did for so many years.  I honor whatever you choose. Whatever your crystal journey looks like, just know that there isn't a right or wrong way to do it.  Just allow yourself to be open and receive whatever the universe has in store for you.

I'm excited to continue to share my love of stones and crystals with you.  I think I'm even more excited to expand my knowledge and challenge myself to find new and interesting stones to connect you all with.  I will always come from a place of love and good intentions when it comes to this space that we have created together.  I will remain honest and kind and open minded to all that you are looking for and experiencing.

I hope that this gave you some insight on why I love crystals so much and am so grateful that you all have been so open and receptive to learning more about them! 

Love and Light,