Fun Activities for Kids

Have a Blast in the Sand Right at Home

There are plenty of fun activities for kids you can do right at home with Declan's Mining Co. Our family-owned business offers a range of mining buckets for kids aged five and older so your little rock hounds can dig for treasure without even leaving the backyard. Each mining bucket is different and comes with various stones, crystals, fossils, and more for your kids to find. Dig through sand, sift with strainers and water, and get ready to be wowed by what you'll find!

Declan's Mining Bucket comes with up to 17 stones but you can add to the adventure with our stone add-on kits. If your child is a big fan of fossils, we've got something for them, too. Check out Declan's Dino Dig and Lucy's Loot fossil pack to add to your mining bucket. Lucy's Loot comes with a sand dollar fossil, shark tooth, ammonite, agate slice, and more! Your kids will have a blast digging for treasure and identifying the stones, crystals, and fossils they find on the identification chart.

Crystals and Kits

Have an older child who loves crystals? At Declan's Mining Co., we offer crystals and energy kits including chakra sets, personal home cleansing kits, and more. Keep your crystals safe in a gifting bowl, keychain, or necklace. We have various crystals and smooth tumbled stones for you or your kids to choose from including sunstone, green zebra jasper, sodalite, orange calcite, and more. We also have a kid's starter pack!

Ready to Have Some Fun?

Declan's Mining Co. offers tons of fun activities for kids from mining to fossil hunting and more. Check out our latest toys and activities, and pick your family's next digging adventure. To learn more about our mining buckets, crystal bundles, and jewelry, contact Declan's Mining Co. today.

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