In tragedy comes politics.

I don't think that I ever expected my first two blog posts to be about something similar, but here I am.  Yesterday I saw someone post about a new hashtag that is trending on Twitter and other social media platforms. #filmyourhospital 

I was quite shocked to be scrolling my newsfeed and see this from someone that is usually posting things that I thoroughly enjoy reading and being a part of.  Naturally I fell into the rabbit hole of this trending hashtag, just like the rest of the world. And let me tell you what, I was entirely appalled. Physically distraught over what the people of this world choose over joy and kindness.  And it took me back. To seven years ago, when we started our life "after the marathon". (Feel free to read my previous blog.)

After months of watching one of my closest friends and her fiance go through the battle of their life and things started to slow just a but, I remember sitting with her and her showing me a website.  A website that was trying to prove how the entire marathon was a government hoax. I couldn't believe it.  They were SO detailed.  They took photos of my friend in the hospital and analyzed how his feeding tubes were assembled, how they thought his missing leg was photo shopped, and even would pick apart their son.  It was heartbreaking.  And I'm grateful that my friend was strong enough to handle that.  Because those conspiracy theorist communities are LARGE. 100's of thousands of people, probably in their basement, blaming the government for creating such an elaborate hoax to brainwash the public. And it ALWAYS comes down to politics.  Which I refuse to get into a conversation about.  It's not welcomed in my bubble.  And I get to choose that.

What those people did NOT see was the scans of shrapnel littering someones body. What an open amputation looks like.  The streets of a city littered with BODIES. A family torn apart. A hospital on lock down because the body of a terrorist was arriving.  They didn't see that.  But they could analyze that from a photo?  Please.  Move on.

This #filmyourhospital hashtag is an absolute shame and slap in the face to every single person on the front lines risking their LIFE to save lives in this pandemic.  It's confusing to those that are ALREADY having high anxiety over what is and isn't the right thing to do right now.  And its a TRAVESTY to the families sitting at home in fear of their loved ones lives because they aren't allowed to be in the hospital. Right now, ER rooms are empty because people are SCARED to go.  They are self quarantining at home because that is what they are told to do.  Trust me, behind the walls of those hospitals are not quiet or not busy.  They are fighting to make sure the spread of this virus slows as much as possible. The people who are videoing these hospitals, are doing the exact OPPOSITE.

I don't know, maybe today was a trigger of my experience through a terrorist attack.  Maybe today is a stage of anger through this process. Maybe I'm speaking what others are thinking.  All I know is, I wish it were different.  I wish that peoples minds didn't work that way.  I wish that we could all be together in a situation like this and work on the SOLUTION, not the problem.  I do know that my empathetic heart is broken for all of those out there in the medical professional world, all of them, from the janitors to EMS, trying to do what they can to keep those I love safe.

I hope that in my lifetime we never experience something like this again. And if it should be that my children do, I hope their generation is the exception and does what it take to make the world a better place together.  This is what was heavy on my mind today and I'm glad I created this space to let it out. 

Love and Light,



  • YES! This is perfectly said. A lot of us feel the same as you. Thank you for being brave and saying it out loud!

  • Yes! Yes! Yes!! Thank you for saying what most of us are thinking! Kudos to you Kelly for always bringing love and light to a very dark world!!

    Deidre Simpson

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