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Finding Rocks and Crystals


I can remember being a 10 year old girl in the woods of New Hampshire and finding rocks all throughout the surrounding woods.  Not just any rocks but granite rocks. My moms husband at the time had a really cool


The Bracelets

With so many types of rocks in the gem bracelet category of our website I understand it can be overwhelming.  So I created this blog post to help you!  I compiled each individual bracelets meaning from some of my favorite

Higher Powers and Personal Powers.

I have this terrible habit of checking the time. For instance, this morning, 5:51am.  It was the time that my 5 year old woke up for the first time.  He's always been an early riser and we have done our

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"The Day Declan Was Born"

One day when my kids were at school and I was working in my office my husband said he wanted to try a cool exercise he saw online. It was kind of an odd request but I figured I’d entertain.